The Land Of Plenty was established in 2002 to encourage skateboarding, artistic expression, and a deeper appreciation of the experience of life. It is in the process of registering as a non-profit company/charity with the intention to promote creative production and share resources and inspiration across different backgrounds. The artistic, scientific, and spiritual aspects of skating are explored in the name of a progressive social experiment. The LOP thesis: balanced creative energy is the key to a healthy evolution, for the individual and the community.

The LOP provides raw materials for skateboarding and a forum for exploring new ideas and philosophies. The current LOP operation, the Board Exchange, gives two blank skateboards to young skaters in need of a new deck; one for keeping, one for painting and returning. The returned boards - each a one-of-a-kind canvas - are sold by auction through the Land Of Plenty. The profits allow for the purchase of more boards and the process continues, supporting and expanding the artistic community of skateboarders and creating more opportunities for shared inspiration and insight. The first LOP Board Show and Public Auction Fundraiser took place the evening of December 11, 2005 at Brooklyn Projects Skateshop in Los Angeles. Boards from this show are now available for auction on eBay. All proceeds go back into the Board Exchange.

To contact the Land Of Plenty email contact or call 213.705.4458. 501(c)(3) and/or incubation status pending, eventually we expect that donations will be tax deductible, although note that they are not tax deductible at this time. If you are interested in sponsoring the Land Of Plenty project please give us a call and help spread the word.

If you would like to make a donation to the LOP through paypal, you may do so by clicking the button below:

LOP President: Greg Shewchuk
LOP Directors: Donny Barley, Ben Fox, Reza Bahador

The following five platforms comprise the broader LOP mission:

1. Health Improvement

Natural health improvement is critical to individual and social development. Exercise- utilizing breath, relaxation, and balance- is of paramount importance for young and old alike. The LOP encourages bodily awareness, integration, and healing through the activities of skateboarding, yoga, internal martial arts, attention to diet, and natural eyesight improvement.

2. Meditative Discipline

Skateboarding, like Yoga, Taiji, and Budo, is a mind-body activity. The LOP encourages meditative discipline and practicing the cultivation of mental concentration. The incorporation of different traditional philosophies and techniques into skateboard practice and daily life can help develop concentration, non-judgementalism, confidence, self-knowledge and the potential for liberation.

3. Social Understanding

Skateboarding as a social activity contributes to communication between all races, genders, ages and creeds. The LOP encourages active discourse, sharing, and the practice of council among different people with similar goals; and strengthening teacher/student and parent/child relationships.

4. Artistic Expression

Art has value as communication and process, not simply aesthetic presence. The LOP encourages all to create art, to participate in artistic expression, and help cultivate the talents and careers of young visual and multi-media artists. Hand-painted skateboards and independent filmmaking are opportunities for artists to develop their work, and to build relationships with sponsors and patrons who encourage their expression.

5. Skateboarding Appreciation

Despite growing media attention, the essence of skateboarding eludes public understanding. The LOP seeks to explore beyond the commercial/competitive potential of the sport and help develop an appreciation of the artistic and creative aspects of the discipline for participants and non-participants alike. This includes developing relationships with city governments, private land owners, as well as police and security personnel. The LOP supports the continuing development of public and private skate facilities, and the decriminalization of skateboarding in public areas.

A skateboard deck costs approximately $50 retail, and an average street skater goes through at least 1 board a month. The Land Of Plenty Board Exchange is a way to provide equipment to young skateboarders in need, while at the same time encouraging artistic expression and developing self worth. It is not a handout, rather a contract to create and contribute to a larger project.

The LOP gets its decks by purchasing them through a supplier, or as donated by skateboard companies. Companies are encouraged to donate 'seconds', boards that are structurally sound but are scratched, have outdated graphics, or are otherwise unsellable in a retail store. Companies have the option of donating boards with their logos, knowing that these will end up in the hands of young skaters who will recognize their brand and support it as they get older. Companies should also realize that by providing for young skaters in need, we all work to develop a larger skateboard community, which in the long run will translate into many more life-long skaters, and many more boards and other equipment sold.

The Board Exchange gives two boards to youth; one for keeping, the other for painting and returning. These returned boards, along with others donated by pros and artists, are auctioned to raise funds to keep the project going. The more money you pay for an LOP deck, the more decks are purchased/collected and given out to an ever-growing network of skaters. If you purchase a board for $200, for example, at least 10 more decks will be entered into the Board Exchange. Thus, LOP skateboards have three levels of value: the first as a fully functional skateboard deck, the second as a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, and the third is part of a social program that gets skateboards to kids.

The LOP will be constantly auctioning off these boards, both online and at special events. You may see what is available currently online by checking LOP on eBay.

The nature of the LOP Board Exchange (as well as other LOP projects planned for the future) demands a creative process and relationship, and will naturally attract youth of a particular profile. While gender, race, background, and beliefs are unimportant, generally speaking the profile might be:

  • age 15-18
  • a passion for skateboarding and physical challenge
  • an artistic inclination to express oneself through painting, design, and film
  • emotionally intelligent, with a certain self-awareness and desire to grow
  • socially conscious, respectful of experience and caring of peers

    The LOP believes that all youth are deserved of attention and support, and does not intend on limiting the program to any specific demographic or status. The program is intended to combat a poverty of constructive attention and cultivation, which in contemporary society, we all arguably suffer. There is no one under the age of 18 undeserved of the opportunity to create a piece of art for public display in exchange for a free skateboard. It is thought that both skateboarding as a meditative discipline and art as a communicative process can significantly and positively affect a person's feelings of self-worth, health, and internal harmony.

    That said, and as the LOP network grows and develops more programs, the intention is to extend into low- income and devastated areas, and to work with existing agencies to provide opportunities for incarcerated and disturbed youth. There are many existing non-profit agencies that support Youth Groups based on different distinguishing factors, and the LOP hopes to develop relationships with these non-profit groups and find kids who will most greatly benefit from the Land Of Plenty mission and projects.


    Skateboarding is a progressive, thriving contemporary of mind-body disciplines like Yoga, Taiji, and Budo, balancing physical dexterity with mental acuity. It requires focus, fear management, and inventive adaptability; all channeled by a truly progressive, artistic subculture. In a world of endless entertainment and mass marketing, skateboarding is an invigorating response to the urban sprawl, a way of connecting to the world and releasing emotions and having fun. It is a system and language of creative physical expression; evoking in a dedicated practitioner a unique confidence and style and artistic integrity.

    By seeding youth of different backgrounds with skateboard equipment, the social community of skateboarders and the exchange of its teachings and styles and mastery will continue to grow. By encouraging youth to create art, the community cultivates a sensitivity and courage to confront and express emotional and aesthetic ideas. By supporting a forum and discussion of philosophical systems, and by witnessing this courage and development, the sponsors of this project have the opportunity to gleam inspiration and insight for their own benefit.

    There is a dearth of constructive and progressive communities for youth to participate in. The artistic element of the skateboard culture is an excellent place for individual growth, with a network of established masters and teachers willing to share insight and inspiration with up and coming youth. The LOP facilitates this exchange by providing equipment, demanding creative output, connecting people and developing the network of learning and growing that is at the heart of the discipline of progressive skateboarding.

  • The Land Of Plenty is supported by a network of experienced professionals in skateboarding, commercial art, and other disciplines. The following list includes individuals who have contributed to the project in one way or another, including painting boards for the show and providing interviews for the short film, Experiment in Progress. If you have experience in any of the LOP related activites and would like to become an affiliate, please contact The LOP.

    Rob Abeyta, Jr. - Artist
    Joe Aguirre - Filmmaker
    Amika Akaya - Skateboarder, Student
    Ekwain Akaya - Skateboarder, Student
    Sun Anguang - Taiji Quan Instructor
    Reza Bahador - Hapkido Instructor
    Brett Banta - Artist
    Donny Barley - Professional Skateboarder
    Tanya Beilke - Yoga Instructor
    Dave Carnie - Artist, Writer
    Chris Casey - Actor
    Craig Champion - Filmmaker
    Matt Dove - Professional Skateboarder
    Eric Dressen - Professional Skateboarder
    Ben Fox - Lawyer
    Bruce Gilbert - Music Supervisor
    Paul Hastings - Producer, Programmer
    Will Heflin - Musician, Writer
    Steven Hein - Producer, Promoter
    Eric Houk - Professor
    Justin Iwanicha - Skateboard Manufacturer
    Rich Jacobs - Artist
    Tim Kerr - Artist, Musician
    Tim Koh - Artist, Musician
    Aryeh Kraus - Filmmaker, Skateboarder
    Doug Miles - Artist
    Jiro Yaguchi - Artist
    Steve Olson - Artist, Professional Skateboarder
    Shaney Jo Darden - Non Profit Director

    Sang Yun Lee - Hapkido Grandmaster
    Kien Lieu - Professional Skateboarder
    Takuji Masuda - Professional Surfer, Filmmaker
    Geoff Mcfetridge - Artist
    Tyrone Moreno - Artist, Musician
    Steven Nereo - Musician, Artist
    Steve Olson - Professional Skateboarder
    Esteban Powell - Actor
    Pri Pribadi - Musician
    Rosamond Rice - Writer, Executive Recruiter
    Ian Rogers - Programmer
    Jason Rogers - Professional Skateboarder
    Bart Saric - Artist, Filmmaker
    Osmaan Shamsiddeen - Skateboarder, Student
    Chris Shewchuk - Chef
    Chris Smith - Musician
    Matt Solomon - Filmmaker
    Dug Song - Programmer
    Paul Swanson - Lawyer
    Sam Velde - Musician
    Isac Walter - Promoter
    Jahmal Williams - Professional Skateboarder
    Austin Wedvick - Skateboarder, Student
    Jeremy Weiss - Photographer
    Jack Zimmerman - Author, Council Leader
    Gomez Bueno - Artist
    Dominick Deluca - Promoter, Store Owner
    Judi Oyama - Artist, Professional Skateboarder
    The Land Of Plenty is seeking sponsors to help take the project to the next level. We need more equipment to continue the Board Exchange, as well as financial resources for developing the non-profit company. We will accept corporate contributions in the form of money and/or product. Please contact The LOP for more information on how you can help out.

    The following companies have contributed decks for the Board Exchange:


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